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亚搏登陆|老照片:巴洛特利的“WHY ALWAYS ME?”
发布时间:2021-10-07 13:15:01

As the birthplace of modern football, England occupies a pivotal position in the hearts of most fans. In the century-long history of the English professional football league, the rich football culture has derived a series of colorful football stories. The world-famous "Man City Derby" is one of them.


Any player who has played for Manchester United or Manchester City is eager to play in the Manchester City Derby, but it is not easy to leave a name in such a strong dialogue with a history of more than 100 years. Looking at the famous football players who have made a name in the Manchester Derby, superb skills are only one of the reasons, and the extremely distinctive personal character is more important.


In 2008, Manchester City was acquired by an Arab consortium from the Middle East and became one of the richest football clubs in England. But after all, investing in football is not a short-term move that can yield results. Although Manchester City, which is backed by a consortium, has introduced many high-level players (including our protagonist Balotelli), they have never been able to get involved. Premier League champion.


In the 2011~2012 season, Manchester City remained unbeaten in the first 8 rounds. More importantly, they have scored 27 goals in the first 8 games and averaged a staggering 3.4 goals per game, which is the same as in the Premier League in the same period. The best offensive team. At the same time, Manchester City's defense is also maintained at a very high level. They have conceded only 6 goals in the first 8 games and averaged only 0.75 goals per game. They are the best defensive team in the league.


Although Manchester City's performance is good, Manchester United is not bad at all. In the first 8 rounds of the season, the Red Devils scored 6 wins, 2 draws and 20 points, and only fell behind the Blue Moon Legion by a slight disadvantage of two points. At the same time, Manchester United's data on both ends of the offense and defense is not weaker than Manchester City: from the offensive end, they scored 25 goals in 8 games, and their offensive ability ranks second only to Manchester City. From a defensive perspective, they only conceded 6 goals in 8 games, exactly the same as Manchester City.


To sum up, when Manchester City and Manchester United meet in the 9th round of the Premier League, we can add four characters before the Manchester City Derby-the first battle.


On October 23, 2011, Old Trafford Stadium, the 160th Manchester City Derby. In the 22nd minute of the game, Milner met David Silva through the bottom of the left, and then found Balotelli, who was outflanked near the penalty area line, in an inverted triangle. The latter used his right foot to push the shot without making adjustments. .

2011年10月23日,位于第160曼城德比老特拉福德球场。在比赛的第22分钟,米尔纳通过左下角遇到了大卫·席尔瓦,然后找到了巴洛特利,后者在罚球线附近被挡倒了一个倒三角形。后者用右脚推射而无需进行调整。 。

More than 8 years have passed, and perhaps many people have forgotten the score of that game, but people will certainly not forget Balotelli's celebration after scoring the first goal.


The 21-year-old Italian boy did not show too much joy, but opened his jersey.


Balotelli’s performance is far from over. In the 47th minute of the game, Bashen used his better physical confrontation ability to lean on Evans to get the ball. The latter was forced to move him near the penalty zone line. Pull down. As Evans was already the last defensive player for Manchester United except the goalkeeper, the referee immediately showed him a red card and sent him off. In this way, Balotelli relied on his unreasonable breakthrough to help the team get an 11-on-10 favorable situation. It is also by virtue of the "making red" of the Bashen that the balance of victory is completely tilted towards Manchester City.


In the 60th minute of the game, David Silva, Milner and Balotelli once again used a dazzling set of frontcourt cooperation to send the ball into the Manchester Nets. As shown in the picture above, the D seat attracted the defensive attention inside the penalty area and used a dexterous heel to find Milner on the right. After the latter got the ball, he used a low-level sweep to complete the pass without making adjustments. , Balotelli, who outflanked the back post area, slapped his horse to easily push the shot. Manchester United 0:2 Manchester City.

在比赛的第60分钟,大卫席尔瓦(David Silva),米尔纳(Milner)和巴洛特利(Balotelli)再次利用令人眼花set乱的前场合作将球送入曼彻斯特篮网。如上图所示,D座位在禁区内吸引了防守注意力,并使用灵巧的脚跟在右侧找到米尔纳。后者拿到球后,他使用低位横扫完成了传球,没有进行任何调整。 ,巴洛特利(Barlotelli)超越了后门禁区,他拍了巴掌以轻松推动射门。曼联0:2曼城。

Playing one less and two goals behind, Balotelli almost conquered the Dream Theater with his own power. At this time, Manchester United knew that there was no hope of scoring, and the morale of the players and even the competitive state of the players gradually collapsed.


In the 69th minute of the game, No. 2 Richards got the ball from the right, and then used a precise cross to find Aguero who had outflanked the left, who leaned on the defensive player to shoot. Manchester United 0:3 Manchester City.


In the 81st minute of the game, Manchester United finally used a familiar tacit cooperation to restore a trace of face to the already silent Dream Theater. On the 24th, Fletcher and Pea who came off the bench made a subtle hit against the wall near the top of the penalty area. After getting the ball, Fletcher did not make adjustments to complete the push. The ball drew a perfect arc and penetrated into the dead corner of the goal. Manchester United 1:3 Manchester City.

在比赛的第81分钟,曼联终于通过熟悉的默契合作,恢复了原本默默无闻的梦剧院的面容。 24日,替补席上的弗莱彻(Fletcher)和豌豆(Pea)在禁区顶部附近的墙壁上受到了微妙的打击。拿到球后,弗莱彻没有做任何调整来完成推动。球画出了完美的弧线并穿入球门的死角。曼联1:3曼城。

The Red Devils wanted to let go of their hands and feet and try their best to score another goal as much as possible. However, Manchester City didn't seem to want to give Manchester United a chance to breathe. Dzeko's goal in the 89th minute of the game let Old Trafford, who had been a little restless, quiet again. As shown in the picture, the corner kick taken by Manchester City from the left ran to the back point area after passing the middle. The passive Manchester United defenders did not even make a supplementary action, and could only watch Dzeko receive the pass. Make another goal after hitting. Manchester United 1:4 Manchester City.

红魔想要放开手脚,尽力争取尽可能多的进球。但是,曼城似乎不想给曼联喘息的机会。比赛第89分钟,杰科(Dzeko)的进球让原本有点不安的老特拉福德(Old Trafford)再次安静了下来。如图所示,曼彻斯特城从左路开出的角球在中路过去后又传到了后场。被动的曼联后卫甚至没有采取补充行动,只能看着杰科获得通行证。命中后再制定一个目标。曼联1:4曼城。

In the 90th minute of the game, Manchester City launched a counterattack in the frontcourt. Dzeko took the ball and dribbled to the right to help David Silva get a single shot. The latter entered the penalty area and easily pushed the far corner of the goal. Manchester United 1:5 Manchester City.

在比赛的第90分钟,曼城在前场发动了反攻。 Dzeko接住球,向右运球,帮助David Silva拿到一球。后者进入了禁区,轻松地将球推向了远角。曼联1:5曼城。

Soon after, Manchester City broke Manchester United's goal again with a counterattack. As shown in the picture, after David Silva got the ball in his own half, he used a sideways volley to find Dzeko on the front line. At this time, the morale of the Manchester United defender has long had no extra physical energy to make up for it in time, and Dzeko can calmly adjust the step point after getting the ball, and then use his left foot to hit the goal. Manchester United 1:6 Manchester City.

不久之后,曼城再次发起反攻,打破了曼联的进球。如图所示,大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)将球踢进自己的一半后,他利用侧向凌空抽射找到了前线的哲科(Dzeko)。这时,曼联后卫的士气早已没有足够的体力来及时弥补,哲科可以在拿到球后从容地调整脚步,然后用左脚击球。曼联1:6曼城。

After the game, when people were amazed at the feat that the Blue Moon Corps had accomplished in the Theater of Dreams, they couldn't help but appreciate Balotelli who instigated it all. At the same time, another group of people also focused on the peculiar celebration after he scored the first goal-what exactly does Balotelli's "WHY ALWAYS ME" mean?


Some people think that Balotelli means "Why is it always me who scores?" It means provocative for Manchester United, but also affirmation of his own ability.


Some people also think that Balotelli’s words reveal a deep sense of helplessness. He is complaining to the world: all his seemingly normal actions have been misinterpreted by people, and the once genius boy has become a negative teaching material in the mouth of the media. .

有些人还认为,巴洛特利的话透露出一种深深的无助感。他在向世界抱怨:他所有看似正常的举动都被人们误解了,而曾经是天才的男孩已成为媒体口中的负面教材。 。

Balotelli doesn't understand: As a player, isn't the most important thing to score? Why should the media always focus on their off-site behavior?


After the Italian national team entered the renewal period, Balotelli became the most anticipated star in the forward line. As early as December 17, 2007, Balotelli ushered in the first team debut on behalf of Inter Milan. In the following two seasons, Bashen scored in double figures in the Nerazzurri and became one of the hottest young players in world football.


On July 26, 2010, Balotelli joined the Premier League Manchester City with a transfer fee of 28 million euros. Despite the constant off-field news, Bashen can still guarantee double figures per season. On December 21, 2010, Balotelli won the Golden Boy Award that year.

2010年7月26日,巴洛特利以2800万欧元的转会费加盟英超曼城。尽管有不断传出的外地消息,巴申仍然可以保证每个赛季加倍的数据。 2010年12月21日,巴洛特利(Balotelli)赢得了当年的金童奖。

At this growth rate, the birth of a world-class superstar seems just around the corner. However, it is regrettable that Balotelli's "wonderful" character determines the height of his career.


The media always hope to find a player who "brings its own top stream". In order to create topics and increase traffic, they will dig out multiple pits and lure ignorant players to jump off. Obviously, Balotelli, who is very nervous, is one of the biggest "victims."


While playing for Inter Milan, the famous Italian TV show "News Zone" conducted an "extraordinary" interview with Balotelli. After a series of trivial questions and answers, the host suddenly took out an AC Milan jersey with Balotelli's name printed on it and asked him to wear it. According to common sense, no player will publicly wear the Milan jersey during Inter Milan. This will not only ignite the anger of the fans on both sides, but also make themselves a target.


The TV station caught Balotelli’s nerve-wrenching personality weakness, and the latter eventually wore the Milan jersey as they wished. After the TV show was broadcast, Balotelli instantly stood on the opposite side of all Inter Milan fans, criticizing, accusing and insulting like a torrential river. Although Balotelli's agent, Leola, immediately issued a statement saying that the TV station's practices were too nasty, Balotelli was just a joke, and he will always be a member of Inter Milan. But everyone knows that Leola's so-called statement is nothing more than a pale excuse, and Ba Shen must pay for his reckless behavior.


After that, as long as Balotelli played on behalf of Inter Milan, the boos of the sky will follow.


When playing for Inter Milan, Balotelli's various abnormal behaviors can be explained as young and frivolous. What people didn't expect was that as Balotelli left England, his incredible personality not only failed to get the slightest restraint, but became more prominent.


At the end of 2010, Balotelli won the Golden Boy Award. This highly golden award reduced the negative comments of the Italian star. However, Balotelli said again in an interview with the organizer: "I am very happy to receive this award. No one except me is eligible to receive it. Two years ago, I was ranked sixth in the Golden Boy Awards. Last year Ranked fourth, it’s my turn this year."

2010年底,巴洛特利(Balotelli)获得了金童奖。这个高度金奖减少了这位意大利明星的负面评论。不过,巴洛特利在接受组织者采访时再次表示:“我很高兴获得这一奖项。除了我之外,没有人有资格获得这一奖项。两年前,我在金童奖中排名第六。去年排名第四。 ,今年轮到我了。”

After saying this, Balotelli did not give up, he ridiculed second-ranked Wilshere again: "What is his name? I don't know him. Next time Manchester City play against Arsenal, I will Pay attention to him. I want him to take a good look at my performance and remind him that it is me, not him.


In the 2012 European Cup semi-finals, Balotelli scored twice and helped Italy defeat Germany 2:1 to advance to the final. When the media asked questions about the celebration after the game, the Italian forward said again: "I'm not celebrating a goal, I'm just doing what I should do. Does your postman have to celebrate after delivering the letter? ?"


Although Balotelli's various remarks are arrogant, considering his performance on the court at that time, there are indeed many notable points. People more think that he is just an "overconfident" rising star. But Balotelli's behavior will bring him a fatal consequence: once his negative news leaves the football itself, the arrogant remarks in the past will become the fuse, and public opinion will detonate around him like a bomb.


Not long after joining Manchester City, Balotelli did a strange thing unimaginable. "Daily Mirror" broke the news that Balotelli and his brother Enoch drove a car into the Brescia Women's Prison in northern Italy while recovering from their injuries.

加入曼城后不久,巴洛特利做了一件不可想象的奇怪事情。 《每日镜报》爆料说,巴洛特利和他的兄弟埃诺克(Enoch)开车从意大利北部的布雷西亚女子监狱救了一辆车,但伤势已恢复。

Soon after, Balotelli was detained by the local police on suspicion of breaking the law. The manager of the Brescia Prison, Presti, said afterwards: “Balotelli and Enoch were both terrified. Balotelli said he regretted that he saw the door open and went in. He didn’t know that special permission was needed. You can enter the prison.” When the police asked Balotelli why he entered the prison, the latter's answer was even more ridiculous. Balotelli said that the reason he entered the prison was just to see if all the people in the women's prison were women.




In 2011, Balotelli fell into the center of public opinion because of an off-site scandal. The British "News of the World" broke the news that Balotelli's girlfriend Sophie accused the former of committing adultery with a girlfriend next to her room. After being discovered, Balotelli not only had no regrets, but drove Sophie out late at night. door.


An angry Sophie also accused Balotelli on social media: "For a minute I couldn't even believe that he was lying to me. He actually slept with my best friend when I was in his residence. Balot Li is a XX, not as good as shit, I feel completely betrayed by him."

愤怒的索菲(Sophie)也在社交媒体上指责巴洛特利:“有一分钟我什至不敢相信他在骗我。我居留期间他实际上和我最好的朋友睡过。李巴洛特(Balot Li)是XX,不那么好真可惜,我完全被他背叛了。”

Melissa Castagnoli

梅利莎·卡斯塔尼奥利(Melissa Castagnoli)

In addition to Sophie, Balotelli's other ex-girlfriend-supermodel Melissa Castagnoli also broke the news that the Italians had a messy private life. She publicized Balotelli’s breakup text message on a program: "My purpose in returning to Italy is to replace you. You are about to die, but I don’t care at all. From tomorrow on, everything about you will become very different. Oops, goodbye!"

除索菲外,巴洛特利的另一位前女友超模梅利莎·卡斯塔格诺利(Melissa Castagnoli)也爆料说意大利人的生活混乱。她在节目中宣传了巴洛特利的分手短信:“我回到意大利的目的是取代你。你将要死,但我一点也不在乎。从明天开始,关于你的一切都会变得非常不同。糟糕! , 再见!”

Constant off-court scandals have become a major factor hindering the development of Balotelli's career. After leaving Manchester City, he has played for AC Milan and Liverpool, but they have not been able to dedicate a long and stable performance. Balotelli now seems to have fallen out of the ranks of first-class stars. His Brescia is currently ranked first in Serie A, 9 points behind Genoa, fourth in the end, and the relegation situation is precarious.


Before he knew it, the once genius boy was almost thirty, and Balotelli still walked firmly on the path he chose. During the epidemic, the Italian star was reduced to “feeding on cardboard and digging from the wall to satisfy his hunger” because he could not cook. Many fans ridiculed after watching: "Others saying this may be an exaggeration. What Bashen said is definitely true."


For Balotelli, he couldn't understand why the media always focused on his off-site life, so he had the question "WHY ALWAYS ME?" For the fan media, Balotelli was synonymous with "genius" for a while. They didn't want to see the negative news that such a star of hope was trapped outside the stadium, and eventually everyone was confused. The so-called criticisms and accusations are more of people's helplessness towards Balotelli's "wrong way".


But from another point of view, Balotelli’s "black spots" are numerous, but not exceptional. Thinking about it carefully, many of his behaviors are more like pranks of ignorant children. Many teammates who have had in-depth contact with him called him "sincere attitude, generous and generous."


Perhaps, he is just a young child.


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