The 200,000-plus sheep we raise wander throughout the 40,000 hectares we manage in the Himachal Pradesh region of northern India. We use our sustainably harvested wool — one of the world’s most breathable, soft, and thermoregulating natural fibers in the world — in all our mattresses (with the exception of our Vegan Mattress).

In Kochi, a lush and diverse region 2,000 miles to the south, we co-own our Avocado Organic Latex processing facility along with more than 4,000 acres of latex farms we also manage. Among thousands of rows of rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis), our farmers harvest the pure rubber sap that is used to make the latex foam cores in our mattresses and toppers.




Sitting along the white-water Sutlej River in Rampur, our GOTS organic certified wool factory is a linchpin of the community. Many of the employees are women who were victims of domestic violence, and their jobs support their independence. Inside, no chemicals are used. The raw wool is naturally cleaned, carded, and combed, creating some of the best quality wool in the world. 

Meanwhile, our 100% GOLS organic certified latex collected by our farmers is sent to our processing facility, where we whip the latex sap into a froth, pour it into molds, cover it, and steam bake it. The end result is a clean and green material that’s amazingly resilient, supportive, and durable.

Once the materials arrive in our own dedicated factory in Los Angeles, our organic latex, cotton, and wool are transformed. Our team cuts and sews by hand, then the finished products pass by our exacting experts whose quality control inspections ensure our top-rated organic and natural mattresses stay that way.




Just like the farm-to-table concept, wool and latex, as with food, are only as exceptional as the farms supplying the goods. By removing the middlemen throughout our supply chain, we’re able to work symbiotically with farmers and offer products that are better quality and more affordable, while fostering local relationships and developing communities. 

When it comes to the fruits of our labors, it’s a difference you can feel — and feel good supporting. After it has passed inspection, our organic mattress, finally, is shipped to you. From our farm, to our factory, to your home, all the dots are connected. The journey toward a planet that is safer, healthier, and more fair has just begun.